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Bioresonance Alternative Allergy Treatment


An allergy is an adverse reaction to a substance in our environment, such as those found on pets, dust, dust mites, milk and nuts. These substances are called allergens and are normally harmless.

In people with an allergy, the body reacts to a specific allergen by releasing histamine from mast cells in the skin, lungs, nose or intestine. This causes inflammation and swelling. Symptoms can include itchy skin, tissue swelling and wheezing. In severe cases it can lead to full-blown anaphylaxis or even death. Common allergic diseases include hay fever, asthma, eczema, urticaria, food allergy and intolerance to food additives. Generally, doctors find these conditions incurable or hard to treat, often requiring a long term medication program.


At BRT, we successfully use bio energetical treatments like BICOM Bioresonance therapy, Bio Electric Stream therapy and special detoxing protocol to treat these conditions.

For 3000 years it has been known in Chinese medicine that energy tracks (meridians) direct the organs activity, and that these activities are subject to rhythmical vibrations. In the meantime the existence of these meridians and blockages in the meridians have been proven by means of nuclear medicine and other methods. Biorhythms have also been explored.

In 1923 the Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch drew the conclusion from tests with onion sprouts, that these reciprocally influence each other by sending out ultraviolet light. In 1936 the American astronomer and biologist Gustav Stromberg claimed that the structure and development of living beings are bound to systems of not-material waves. In 1975 the German physicist Dr. F.A. Popp proved the existence of light emission (bio-photons) from living cells. The existence of bio-photons is also a theoretical result of the general quantum field theory of the physicist Burkhard Heim.

Popp also proved that DNA is a photo magazine and that the light emission from the cells is not a result of their propagation, but the biophotons' directing of the division of cells. Before any chemical reaction at least one electron must be activated by a photon with a certain wave length and enough energy. The biochemist and Nobel prize winner Lehninger mentions in his textbook that some reactions in the living cell happen quite a lot faster than what corresponds to 37° temperature. The explanation seems to be that the body purposely directs chemical reactions by the means of electromagnetic vibrations ( biophotons ).

Recent research (F.A. Popp and W. Ludwig) shows that the effect of homeopathic substances is due to their vibration patterns. Prof. Dr. Cyril W. Smith (University of Salford, England), Dr. R.S.V. Choy and Dr. J.A. Monro proved by means of provocation/naturalizing tests that allergic reactions can be naturalized by means of electromagnetic vibrations with a certain frequency.

In Electro-Acupuncture Diagnostics according to Dr. Voll (EAV), the vibrations of homeopathic substances in medicine tests are given to the patient via cables, and the effect is found by means of Electro-Acupuncture measurements.

The research made by Smith, Choy and Monro also explains the results of the allergy treatment. By means of the BICOM device the characteristic own vibrations (electron plasma vibrations) from an allergen can be absorbed, be electronically inverted and given back strengthened to the body. The allergy symptoms may disappear within minutes - during the treatment. Experience also shows that deposited damaging waste material and metabolic waste products are mobilized and released easier as the inverted (electron plasma) vibrations from these substances are given to the body.

In France it was proven a short while ago by testing animals, that these got rid of several stored heavy metals after they received minimal doses of the same substances. Bioresonance therapy is based on these results. For this therapy we use the body's own vibrations. We can therefore use shorter time and get more thorough results.



1. In and around the human body we find electromagnetic vibrations. The electromagnetic vibrations are superior to the biochemical processes and control these. Accumulations of cells and organs vibrate at certain frequencies. A vibration pattern is thus created in the organism.

2. In addition to the physiological (healthy, harmonious) electromagnetic vibrations, there are also in each person pathological (sick, disharmonious) disturbed vibrations caused by toxins, damage, infections, diseases that have not been healed out, or iatrogenic damage (caused by wrong medical treatment), etc.

3. The physiological and pathological vibrations together are called "the patient's own vibrations".

4. The patient's own vibrations can be lead from the surface of the body (as an antenna) via a cable into the therapy device.

5. Therapy vibrations are created from the patient's own vibrations with the aid of modern electronics (the BICOM). This is done without addition of technical produced frequencies.

6. The patient's own vibrations having been changed into therapy vibrations, are then led back to the patient's body through the BICOM. The therapy impact does not happen inside the device, but within the patient's body.

7. The therapy vibrations bring about a therapy effect through elimination or reduction of the pathological vibrations and stimulation or strengthening of the physiological ones.

8. The goal of the Bioresonance Therapy is to reduce or eliminate the pathological vibrations and at the same time strengthen the physiological ones.

9. The improvement of the biophysical energy situation follows and improvement of the biochemical processes in the direction of a normalization or complete cure.

10. The main goal of the bioresonance therapy is to activate the body's own regulating forces and to help rid itself of disturbing, pathological influences as far as necessary for a cure.

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