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Initial Reluctance.

In August 2009, a missionary who is familiar with my complicated medical history recommended that I give Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) a try. His son has experienced improvements in his medical condition and he wanted me to benefit from it too. Frankly, it was not easy for me to just say ‘yes’ to another alternative medical procedure. The past 20 years have been a medical nightmare for me as I underwent one procedure after another. Surgeries, MRI or CT scans, X-rays, ECG monitoring, chemotherapy, painkillers etc, are my constant companions.


Not Another Medical Procedure.

It is exhausting searching for pain relief and cures. Many good-hearted people have offered me herbal concoctions, health supplements or new, better specialists to consult. I have been on many roller-coaster rides of false hope and so was naturally sceptical. At that time, my left arm was in excruciating pain due to my herniated discs so I was desperate for pain relief. For the past 5 years I was on about 10 types of painkillers but to no avail. A friend nudged me into giving acupuncture a try. It brought only temporary pain relief and before long I was prescribed 24/7 morphine dosages by my pain management specialist. That relief was also short-lived. I also did not want to be ‘addicted’ to it, not to speak of the nausea that came with it (as if the nausea from my chemotherapy was not enough).


Not Another False Hope.

As I pen this Testimonial, I reflected on my initial reluctance and uncertainty as I pushed aside the doors to the BRT Clinic. The warm smiles at the reception and the warm cup of tea made me feel at home. The subsequent thoughtful, professional care of the therapists gave me a sense of hope, but will this turn out to be another false hope? Only time will tell. After the 1st BICOM treatment I felt maybe 20% of pain relief. I was glad to be heading somewhere. The 2nd and 3rd sessions resulted in approximately 80% relief. Was what was happening too good to be true? My therapist and I were from then on counting the days I was “pain-free”. The counting turned from days to weeks and then to months. It has been 7 months and counting (happy counting for that matter). I truly thank God for guiding me into the corridors of BRT to receive this miraculous healing. All glory and praise to Him. I also truly thank the Bosses, therapists and staff of BRT for their concern, care and professional help.


My Endorsement.

I appreciate the patience of BRT Management in waiting for me to put pen to paper regarding this miraculous cure.

As a counsellor for the past 20 years, I have prescribed countless dosages of advice and suggestions to many people and would not prescribe something that I have not tried myself. The medical concoction and treatment must prove beneficial to me first before I would even tell anyone about it. To get me to endorse some product or procedure is even more difficult. This accounts for the long wait of 7 months for my Testimonial. I do not subscribe to frivolous claims of short-term gains. BRT is now tried and tested. As of today, I unreservedly endorse BICOM treatment because of its real, long-term benefits.

I am after all a person who says what he means and means what he says. Today, I follow the footsteps of the missionary who recommended me BRT, by bringing many friends and relatives through the doors of BRT clinic into this special Oasis of Hope.


Unsolicited Comments.

For those who wonder how they would know whether BRT works for them, the answer the Boss of BRT gave was simple, “People will somehow say you look good”. This turned out to be more than true for me with 20 plus people telling me that I look good or well without me soliciting any comments from them in the first place.

For anyone who, like me initially, finds it not easy to say ‘yes’ to another medical procedure, consider BRT as a bloodless, painless, non-invasive, thorough medical diagnosis. BRT goes beyond total pain relief. It CURED my nerve pain, helped to detoxify my liver (which had been affected by Chemotherapy) and stabilized my blood and heart condition. What more can anyone ask for?

For anyone who is concerned about his state of health, do give BRT a try. You owe it to yourself. 2 thumbs up for BRT!

H G Chua, James
Happy pain-free patient since August 2009

"On 16th of March 2010, I started going to Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) Centre as I heard that it has natural, alternative treatments which are of advanced technology.

I suffered greatly from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, frequent numbness of both of my hands, cold sweat, chest discomfort, 20% to 60% blockage of blood vessels of the heart, poor digestive system, frequent diarrhea, prostate problem and weakness of body. It may be due to a copper chip that had been put at my heart.

At that time, according to a BRT Therapist’s initial assessment, I had severe hormonal imbalance, poor blood circulation and symptoms of heart problem. The therapist would then used treatment programs to remove toxin from my body, get rid of the heavy metal, chemical, fungus, bacteria and virus that is hidden at various organs in my body.

By doing so, not only has the Therapist helped to increase the immunity of my body, the treatment has also helped to balance the hormonal level and improve my heart condition.

After receiving BRT treatments, my body condition gradually improved within one month. I am strong enough to travel overseas after 5 months of treatments.

I am very happy and wish to thank BRT as my health improved tremendously."

S C Giam, 53 years old

"I have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problem for a very long time. I would have chest pains, and I also suffer from Insomnia.

Lack of appetite and low vitality is also a common problem for me.

After 4-5 sessions of treatments, I was able to sleep well and feel more energetic. Not only did my appetite improve, my chest pains have lessened too.

I would definitely recommend BRT to others who are in need."

Connie Wong, 47 years old

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