Lungs Problems (Asthma)

"I suffered from Proteinuria- a medical condition where the presence of abnormal quantities of protein in the urine, which may indicate damage to the kidneys. Besides, I have suffered from chronic bronchitis and poor memory for many years.

My therapist has always been very patient and encouraging towards her patients. She is professional, knowledgeable and never fails to take great care to listen, understand and treat my problems accordingly. I feel good and relaxed under her care, not only does she generously share her invaluable health and diet advices, she practices great hygiene and cleanliness.

I thank her for a most fruitful experience at BRT – I am totally free from Proteinuria which I have suffered two and half years ago! It is incredible!

Moreover, my bronchitis is under control, I can breathe better now. I am very happy as my memory is getting better and better, so far I get very good results for all my examinations. I would like to thank BRT for the good technology and equipment to improve the health of myself and others too. I will definitely recommend others to BRT for any health conditions."

Toh Ah Lye, 56 years old

"Before receiving Bio-resonance therapy (BRT) treatment, I have suffered from chronic coughs (laryngitis). My cough was so bad and persistent that I lost my voice for almost 2 months. Thanks to the treatments, I have regained my voice gradually. My other symptoms such as indigestion, and other problems were also resolved.

With BRT treatments and the recommended supplements, my health has improved tremendously. My immunity is better now and my body is able to recover easily whenever I have minor sickness.

Hence, I wish to take this opportunity to thank my therapist for his dedication and care towards his patients of dedicated staff too. They are always friendly and helpful in reminding us on every of our appointments.

Thank you, BRT!"

Richard Wong, 63 years old

"Before receiving Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatment, my health problems were many, and they were getting from bad to worse. Health issues I faced were allergy (rashes on skin), difficulty in breathing, back pain, stomachache, and giddiness for about 2 years.

BRT has helped to reduce the occurrence of the stomachache, back pain and giddiness. On top of these improvements, my asthmatic and allergic conditions were completely treated.

After 8 BRT treatments, my health had improved and I believe BRT treatments will also help others who are suffering from similar conditions."

F D Martalla, 35 years old

"I was diagnosed with stage 3 Lung Cancer in September 2009.

I went for Chemotherapy as recommended by the doctors. Not long after, the side effects of the Chemotherapy started kicking in - I had numbness in my feet, my legs were fatigued and weak, I suffered from rashes and could not sleep well.

Ever since I started receiving Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) and Ozone Hydrotherapy treatments in early February 2010, the side effects progressively started to clear up and my sleep has improved.

After 17 sessions of BRT and Hydrotherapy, there was no more side effects.

I went for a CT scan on 24th of March 2010, and found that all my cancer cells had been cleared up. I feel a whole lot better and have received comments from my friends and family that I look better and brighter than before!

I believe that BRT and Ozone Hydrotherapy will help others facing similar challenges and would recommend anyone to take this step into better health!"

Daphne Hong, 61 years old

"I have been suffering from Lung Cancer for 4 years. I feel weak and experience side effects from chemotherapy.

Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) and Ozone Hydrotherapy have helped to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and reduce the degenerated cells activities in my body. I feel more energetic and my appetite had improved after 40 sessions of BRT and Ozone Hydrotherapy treatments.

I strongly recommend other patients who suffer from similar health issue as me to undergo BRT treatment."

Khalfan A S, 65 years old

"I am 60 years old and I am fit and healthy. But not too long ago, I was in the worst shape of my life.

In year 2009, I went to see my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician and he told me that if I did not change my lifestyle, it might be too late to save my life. I had misused and abused my body for the past 40 years with my unhealthy diet, drinking and smoking habits.

Over the 40 years, my body started giving me health problems such as shortness of breath, high blood pressure, chronic cough, insomnia, jaundiced skin and several issues with my organs such as my prostate, liver and intestines. The last straw was when I saw my smoking and drinking buddies getting diagnosed with lung cancer, prostate cancer and liver cancer; they passed away one after another.

Seeing their suffering made me desperately want to change my lifestyle.

There was once when I was on a trip to Japan and I heard about Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT). As soon as I returned to Singapore, I paid a visit to the centre, and my life has been different ever since. My BRT experience is detailed below:

When I first arrived at BRT, I was suffering from prostate problem, liver and intestine degeneration, shortness of breath, chronic cough, constantly feeling cold, insomnia, waking up 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night, dizziness, loss of appetite, jaundiced skin and high blood pressure. All these problems have been plaguing me for almost 20 years and I have to put up with them.

I started seeing results within the first 10 BRT treatments. Subsequently, I have been through about 30 BRT treatments and my health has improved by leaps and bounds - my high blood pressure has gone down, I am no longer coughing, I have enough energy to climb Bukit Timah Hill twice without problems (at my age I find this quite impressive), my prostate, liver and intestine issues are resolved, and I am now able to eat well and sleep well through the night!

BRT has helped me so much that my whole family comes for treatment and BRT keeps us in the very best of health!

Thank you BRT!"

C H Tan, 60 years old

"Kalista’s asthma and eczema have been around for 2 to 3 years; stomach distention for 3 to 4 months. The stomach distention has caused pain and lack of appetite.

After 5 sessions of BRT treatments, the pain has reduced and she is a happier child now!"

Mother of Kalista, 5 years old

"I have been suffering from eczema since childhood. Initially, I started with homeopathy treatment. After two years of homeopathy treatment, I have recovered at the age of 20 and was free from eczema for about 12 years until I gave birth to my child 6 years ago, my skin condition has started to become so severe.

This time, homeopathy medicine could not help me at all. My eczema was so severe that I have to depend on steroids and I know very well the side effects of steroids. I tried on TCM then. But my condition still did not improve. Some TCM doctors told me that my skin condition is actually Psoriasis. My severe skin condition has been troubling me for so many years and the unbearable itch that led me to sleeping problem. Fortunately, my sister told me about BRT, Oasis of Hope, that I started to seek treatments and indeed I have seen great improvement for my overall well being.

Before receiving treatments at BRT, my skin is very thin and sensitive, it will bleed easily even with minor scratching. Every morning when I wake up, my skin will be very dry and scaly. In the afternoon, my skin will start to form big bumps on both my hand and my neck.

Moreover, due to the constant unbearable itchiness, my quality of sleep has been affected greatly and this has led me with stiff neck and headache always. In addition, my sinus and asthma problems made me feel miserable as I always feel breathless. I also have constipation and gastric pain that causes discomfort all the time. To make matter worse, my menses has stopped for almost 20 months although I have yet to menopause.

After, receiving Bioresonance Therapy, my skin is firmer and less sensitive and it will not bleed easily. I do not feel the itchiness as much so I can sleep better. The bumps on my neck are gone and the bumps on both hands have reduced in size, in fact some other areas have no more bumps. I get more quality of sleep and my stiff neck and headache have improved greatly. No more congested nose and I can breathe better and less recurrence of asthma and daily bowel movement now. Gastric problem does not bother me much nowadays. BRT treatment has even helped to resolve my hormonal problem and now I have my menses again. I’m feeling good! Hurray!

With the professional help, care and love received. I see hope! Thank you to all the staff from BRT, Oasis of Hope."

S H Soh, 38 years old

"I was suffering from Asthma and Degenerative Disc Problems for 1 and 3 year(s) respectively. I came to know about the treatments at BRT centre from my colleague, who had a similar problem - Degenerative Disc. She shared about how BRT has helped in not only her problem, but also helped improve her eldest son’s hyperactive condition. Hence, without much consideration, I have decided to do a check at the centre to see if BRT was appropriate for my condition.

I was introduced to the Therapist who is also treating both my colleague and her son.

My Therapist was highly focused, enthusiastic and fully committed. During each treatment, my Therapist would show concern, and after a grasp of the root of the problems, she would respond with a thorough explanation.

I have been exceedingly happy with the results of the treatments, and it has been a pleasure to work with my Therapist who communicates well and gives essential feedback about the progress of my condition.

I am currently into the 2nd cycle of my treatment. I am very satisfied with my current condition having seen all the improvements –


1) Heavy breathing and back pain caused by Asthma was controlled / alleviated after 4 sessions of BRT treatments.

2) Sinusitis and blocked nose condition have improved as I do not sneeze as much these days.

3) Constipation was treated after 8 sessions of treatments.

4) Stomach bloatedness has also significantly improved.


As of today, I have completed 13 treatments. I feel that my overall well-being has improved tremendously!

I am pleased to write this Testimonial to endorse and support my Therapist in her area of work at BRT Centre."

George Tan, 37 years old

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