Skin Problems (Eczema)

I have suffered from skin allergy and constipation since one and a half years ago. The red spots on my skin would cause disturbing itchiness and discomfort.

After receiving 13 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, my health condition improved, and I believe BRT will definitely help other patients who have similar Condition.

G L Tan, 54 years old

Guo Hao has been suffering from autism since he was 2 and a half years old, and his allergies would usually last for a few days. Rashes would appear on his skin, and together with his short attention span, he tends to get very moody easily.

After 1 cycle of treatment at BRT, his skin rashes will recover within 1 to 2 days; his concentration improved and he throws less tantrums.

I am happy that Guo Hao’s conditions have improved, and I would definitely recommend BRT to people who are in need.

Mother of Guo Hao, 10 years old

I have been suffering from skin allergy for many years. My skin would always be itchy and causing discomfort to me.

After 2 cycles of BRT treatments, my skin problem has improved and food that has caused the allergy was also detected. My skin condition has shown great improvement and my skin problem is better controlled now.

Cynthia Yong, 48 years old

During my first check up at BRT, problems were found with my kidney, bladder, liver and lungs.

I was especially concerned about my bladder and kidney function as I would visit the toilet 2-3 times during midnight. Even after visiting the specialist clinic, the doctor was unable to find out the exact cause behind my problem.

After undergoing BRT treatments once a week for 5 months, the frequency of my visits to the toilet in the middle of the night has greatly reduced. Additionally, the dizziness that I used to have did not take place anymore. On top of all these improvements, my dry skin was also better moisturized and not as sensitive! BRT has also solved my long time concern – constipation - and I feel so much healthier now!

After 5 months of treatments at BRT, I went for a check up at the doctor, and the results showed that I am much healthier than I was before. All the results were excellent!

My daughter and son had received treatments a few times with BRT, and the treatments have treated their allergies issues which have been bothering them for long time.

The results of the treatment are truly amazing!

R Grant, 43 years old

My son has itchy and uncomfortable skin since his birth.

After receiving treatments from BRT centre, the condition was under control.

I would definitely introduce this treatment to others to help them to identify their food allergies and to reduce itchiness. This treatment is also a good preventive method!

Father of Isaac Loh, 7 years old

I have chronic skin problems since I was 7 years old.

After 16 sessions of treatments at BRT, my condition has improved, and I will recommend this treatment to others with similar condition.

S S Goh, 29 years old

I have scaly scalp problem for the past 10 years and this has affected my life. I would often feel embarrassed by this condition as my scaly scalp will stain on the dark colored seat and I have to avoid dark colored clothing. Many people would think that I have dandruff.

I have tried many ways to seek professional advices and help to improve my condition but to no avail.

When I was introduced to seek treatment at BRT, Oasis of Hope, I was skeptical and even challenged my therapist, Ms Constants Yeo, to deliver results. After undergoing a few sessions of treatment I could see that my condition has shown great improvement. Thereafter, I have full faith in BRT treatment.

I am more confident now and my life has improved as a result. I am glad to wear dark colored clothing without fear now! I feel good as I need not fear that my scalp will dirty the sofa anymore. Sometimes I will even start to smile when looking at my scalp in the mirror, because it has reduced tremendously. My result is just amazing and impressive!

I will definitely recommend others to seek treatment for similar and other problems. In fact, I have also brought my dog for treatment (skin problem) at Passion for Pets after seeing good result of my own.

K C Ng, 46 years old

I suffered from Sjogren Syndrome for about 6 years, irregular menses for 2 years and have allergies since young.

Before I receive Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatment, I would miss my period for 1 or 2 months at a time. Additionally, whenever I eat seafood, I would develop rashes within the next few days.

After receiving 8 sessions of BRT treatments, my menses is more regular now, and I have also stopped developing rashes after eating seafood. The improvement in my health has made me happier, and I am glad that I am receiving treatment for my autoimmune disease as I have been under this condition for a long time, and it did not seem to be improving.

I believe that BRT will be able to help others with similar conditions. I will definitely recommend BRT to my friends because I find this very helpful. When I go to BRT Centre, I feel happy and relaxed, and my Therapist is very friendly and nice too.

S L Tan, 17 years old

I have been suffering from Hives (Urticaria) since June 2010. It was on most parts of my body and I had to be on medication in order to stop the itchiness and unsightly rashes.

After 3 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, the condition of my skin has improved and the rashes only appeared on my hand region.

After 7 sessions of treatments, the rashes only appeared at a very small area on my left hand even without any medication. Thereafter, I have stopped the medication completely for close to 3 months and there were no signs of rashes.

I am very happy that my problem has been greatly resolved. I believe that BRT will help other patients with similar problems.

K Toh, 15 years old

"I constantly travel to third world countries for mission trips. Due to the long traveling journey and poor sanitation, I used to be down with coughs and colds, headaches and lack of energy often. These problems affected my work greatly.

I started going for Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments ever since I met the person-in-charge of BRT in Macau. Since then, I had undergone 70 BRT treatments. These 70 treatments consist of removal of degenerated cells, liver fats, eczema and prevention of enlarged prostate gland, increase immunity etc. These are the few treatments that I can recall but there are certainly more than that.

After these 3 years of painless treatments, a majority of my illnesses and aches are gone. I am also more productive at work now. Previously, I used to travel a maximum of 5 times a year. Now, I travel about once a month. The long journey from the mission trip which I had 2 weeks ago did not affect my energy level. I feel that I am fitter than when I was 40 years old.

I wish to thank the bosses of BRT Oasis of Hope for encouraging me and my therapist for treating me whole-heartedly."

Abraham Yeo, 61 years old

"Kalista’s asthma and eczema have been around for 2 to 3 years; stomach distention for 3 to 4 months. The stomach distention has caused pain and lack of appetite.

After 5 sessions of BRT treatments, the pain has reduced and she is a happier child now!"

Mother of Kalista Tan, 5 years old

"I have been suffering from skin problem since I was in my teens.

Initially, it was merely some rashes around the calf areas but after a while it started to spread from my waist down to my legs- spots like Chickenpox kind have developed. I went to see my own GP and treated me with antiseptic cream and I have recovered about a year ago but it came back again, this time worse – it develops on my shoulders down to my elbows which it has never occurred before.

Then, I received steroids jabs from my GP and although I feel better but it lasted for a month only. It came back again and I began to scratch and it keeps me awake in the middle of the night.

Having known the side effects of steroids, I tried on TCM. But my condition still did not improve. The TCM doctor told me that I cannot eat certain kind of food as it will “trigger” more itchiness and damage my skin even more. My skin condition has been troubling me for that period of time and the unbearable itch that led me to sleeping problem.

One day, I searched in the internet and stumbled upon BRT, Oasis of Hope. I was skeptical in the first place but upon reading and understanding better I became interested. I made a call to find out more and the receptionist put me through to a therapist named, Constants Yeo. With her knowledge and guidance within the short conversation, I decided to give it a try.

Before receiving treatments at BRT, my skin has a lot of open-wound spots with bumps scattered over from waist down to my legs. Due to the constant unbearable itchiness, my quality of sleep has been affected greatly and this has led me to stress. Every morning I woke up with blood stained on my bed linen and also dried skin flakes. In addition I have constipation which always makes me feel bloated.

Now, after going for my treatments at BRT, the bumps on my skin has flattened and no more open wounds on my left leg. Less itchiness and I can sleep better without waking up. The bumps on right leg have reduced in size; some areas have no more bumps. As the itchiness lessen at night, my quality of sleep gets better and I feel fresher in the morning. My flaky skin has reduced and less blood stains on my bed linen! With the help of BRT treatment & supplements as advised by my Therapist, my bowel movement is daily now. It helps to improve my condition alot!

With the professional help, care and love received. I see hope! Prevent is better than cure! I will strongly recommend BRT, Oasis of Hope to my family and friends.

Look at my pictures below that my skin condition is getting better and better!"




Nur Azwani, 28 years old

I have developed rashes about 9 months ago. During the course of my BRT treatments, my rashes have evidently decreased by the day. After 11 sessions of BRT treatments, I have been completely healed of my rashes.

I would encourage those with similar problems to go for BRT treatments as I know that it would be of help to them.

Michael Chan, 56 years old

I suffered from Eczema, Insomnia, Dizziness, Sinusitis and Backache since my teenage years. My skin condition was very severe.

After receiving 61 Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, the inflammation reduced, skin patches reduced in size, I could sleep well and seldom have dizziness and sinusitis.

Joyce Goh, 30 years old

I have been suffering from eczema for 25 years, and have been taking antihistamine and steroids (orally) to keep my allergy condition under control, but all these did not help to improve my condition at all.

After 14 sessions of BRT treatments, not only has my skin condition improved, I have also stopped reacting to heat and perspiration, and my rashes have reduced significantly (85%).

To date, my body is more tolerant towards the allergens. Even though there were occasions where I will react to heat or certain types of food, my rashes would usually subside within one or two days.

I would definitely introduce BRT to help other people with similar conditions.

Clifford Tan, 40 years old

I am suffering from severe eczema for 5 years; skin eruptions would appear on my arms, legs and back. I was very depressed about my skin condition and it has affected my sleep as my skin would itch intensely.

After 8 sessions of BRT treatments, there was evident improvement in my skin condition; my sleep has greatly improved since then. After undergoing 19 sessions of treatments and 2 sessions of Hydro Therapy, my skin condition was almost restored. I have regained strength and have even started to exercise – I am able to lift weights and run.
I feel great! And I have been recommending my friends and relatives to come to BRT for treatments.

Lynette Yuen, 56 years old

I am an Indonesian and would visit Singapore on a regular basis for treatment for my eczema problem after seeing various doctors in Singapore and Indonesia and to no avail.

I suffer from itch; red patches would also appear randomly anywhere on my body when the eczema occurs.

I was introduced to Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) by my daughter, and I have seen improvements after 6 sessions of BRT treatment. The eczema subsided and occurred less frequently. By the 8th treatment, I saw a 90% improvement.

At the same time, I also wanted to quit smoking. Amazingly, I lost the desire for cigarettes and managed to quit smoking permanently after 1 session of BRT treatment.

Till this day, my family continues to fly to Singapore regularly for treatments and we have also introduced many of our family members and friends to BRT.

Francisco N A, 56 years old

"I have been suffering from eczema for more than 20 years and had been taking steroids (orally and by application) for relief. Due to eczema, I have suffered from itch on my whole body which lead to sleeping and other related problems. I have also tried several methods from conventional medication to Chinese medicine but the relief is usually temporary.

When I was initially introduced to Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT), I was sceptical about the treatment. However, during the 3 months of treatment with BRT, I have seen gradual improvement for my eczema’s condition.

The eczema only appears on one of my legs now, and I am a regular customer with BRT Centre, and hope to be free of eczema in time to come."

Johnson Lim, 41 years old

"I have been suffering from severe eczema since childhood; my condition gets worse when I turned 18. It has greatly affected both my physical and mental health leading me to feel depress, inferior and I become underweight.

My parents have spent so much money on me to seek all kind of help but in vain. I applied steroid and I can say that I feel better but it lasted for a few months only. The eczema comes back again. I will starts to scratch and that keep me awake till the middle of the night. I started to get irritable easily due to lack of sleep. To make matter worse, my sensitive nose and difficulty in passing motions have made me very miserable. Then one day I goggle on the internet and stumbled upon BRT, Oasis of Hope. I was skeptical in the first place but upon reading and understanding better I became interested & I decided to give it a try.

After undergoing for my treatments at BRT, I experienced improvement in some of the affected areas. After 4 sessions of treatment, I felt relieved; my sensitive nose is no longer as sensitive. After 9 sessions of treatment, my skin condition had visibly improved for the better and I am able to sleep better. With the help of BRT treatment coupled with some supplements as advised by Constants, my bowel movement has become daily. It helps a lot to improve my condition!

With the professional help, care and love received. I see hope! Prevent is better than Cure! I will strongly recommend BRT, Oasis of Hope to my family and friends. Thank you BRT, Oasis of Hope!"








M C Tan, 18 years old

"I have been suffering from eczema since childhood. Initially, I started with homeopathy treatment. After 2 years of homeopathy treatment, I have recovered at the age of 20 and was free from eczema for about 12 years until I gave birth to my child 6 years ago, my skin condition has started to become so severe.

This time, homeopathy medicine could not help me at all. My eczema was so severe that I have to depend on steroids and I know very well the side effects of steroids. I tried on TCM then. But my condition still did not improve. Some TCM doctors told me that my skin condition is actually Psoriasis. My severe skin condition has been troubling me for so many years and the unbearable itch that led me to sleeping problem. Fortunately, my sister told me about BRT, Oasis of Hope, that I started to seek treatments and indeed I have seen great improvement for my overall well being.

Before receiving treatments at BRT, my skin is very thin and sensitive, it will bleed easily even with minor scratching. Every morning when I wake up, my skin will be very dry and scaly. In the afternoon, my skin will start to form big bumps on both my hand and my neck.

Moreover, due to the constant unbearable itchiness, my quality of sleep has been affected greatly and this has led me with stiff neck and headache always. In addition, my sinus and asthma problems made me feel miserable as I always feel breathless. I also have constipation and gastric pain that causes discomfort all the time. To make matter worse, my menses has stopped for almost 20 months although I have yet to menopause.

After, receiving Bioresonance Therapy, my skin is firmer and less sensitive and it will not bleed easily. I do not feel the itchiness as much so I can sleep better. The bumps on my neck are gone and the bumps on both hands have reduced in size, in fact some other areas have no more bumps. I get more quality of sleep and my stiff neck and headache have improved greatly. No more congested nose and I can breathe better and less recurrence of asthma and daily bowel movement now. Gastric problem does not bother me much nowadays. BRT treatment has even helped to resolve my hormonal problem and now I have my menses again. I’m feeling good! Hurray!

With the professional help, care and love received. I see hope! Thank you to all the staff from BRT, Oasis of Hope & special thanks to Mr. Vincent Ho.

Look at my pictures below that my skin condition is getting better and better! Although some people might feel that I’m still looking bad especially for those who have met me for the first time but they did not know that I have shown great improvement for my overall well being."






S H Soh, 37 years old

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