Headaches (Migraines)

"I have been suffering from Mycoplasma, and sinusitis for about 3 months. My immune system has been very weak and I often have headache & feel lethargic too.

After 6 sessions of treatment, I feel much better and have more energy. My sinusitis is no longer there and frequencies of headache have been reduced.

I would definitely recommend BRT to others who are in need."

Quenain Kot, 35 years old

"I have been trying to quit smoking for 20 over years, but to no avail. On top of that, I also have finger joint pains, backaches, waist pains and headache.

After 5 sessions of BRT treatments, all the pains were reduced and so was my urge to smoke.

My conditions have improved and I have also reflected on the reason for smoking and realized that it has been a waste of money on the cigarettes. I would consider recommending BRT treatments to others who have similar problems."

L K Voon 47 years old

"I have been suffering from Insomnia, sinus, tension headache, constipation and poor digestion for almost 2 years. These conditions have caused me to be in poor moods, and feeling sick and lethargic.

After 10 sessions of treatment, I felt a relief off my tension headache and sinus; my insomnia condition has improved greatly and constipation has stopped too.

I feel energetic and refreshed, and would definitely recommend BRT to others who are in need."

Susan Goh, 52 years old

"I am a Thalassemia carrier, slightly anaemic with a pale-looking appearance. I am constantly disturbed by gastric reflux, stomach bloatedness, loss of appetite and tension headache. In addition, there is also pain and discomfort at my right shoulder.

I was recommended by one of the cancer patients who frequent Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) Centre.

After receiving 5 sessions of BRT treatments, my tension headache, gastric reflux, stomach bloatedness and shoulder discomfort were relieved! Not only were my problems resolved, my appetite improved and I feel good! My relatives and friends also commented that I look better than last time.

I believe that BRT will help other patients with similar problems and I will recommend BRT to other people."

Linda Ng, 42 years old

"I have been suffering from Liver Cirrhosis (hardening and scarring of the liver) for about 10 years. My Liver Cirrhosis condition is stable; I have sinus and migraine problems frequently.

After receiving 10 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, there is improvement for the sinus and migraine problem.

I will recommend people who have general conditions to go to BRT Centre for treatment. I will continue to have my treatment there as generally I am feeling good."

Eddie Tan, 34 years old

"I have been suffering from gastric, migraine, and pressure for about 2 years, and menstrual cramps for about 10 years. My gastric and migraine condition would occur very often; I am heavily reliant on drugs to be mobile during my period, I would also require medication to control the pressure levels.

After 17 sessions of BRT treatments, my frequency of gastric and migraine have reduced tremendously. Even though I am still reliant on drugs, the dosage that I am taking has also reduced tremendously.

I feel healthier and hope to seem more improvements in other areas of my life.

I would definitely introduce BRT treatments to others who have similar conditions."

Kaiellvizlhe S, 33 years old

I suffer from migraine for a long time; each attack lasted for as long as a week, since the birth of my daughter who is now 11. I am also very susceptible to the common flu and lack energy.

Even though I tried to exercise regularly, there are times when I would experience shortness of breath. I also suffer from Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. All these problems have been persisting for about 3 years.

Before receiving Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments and Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions, I depended on medication for ease of my migraine problem. However, my gastric problems are aggravated by the medication for migraine and dependence on medication caused me to worry about my liver.

BRT and Ozone Hydrotherapy have helped me to feel more energetic and I am able to sustain my high energy level throughout the entire day. I have yet to experience any migraine attacks since I started the treatments. I have also ‘escaped’ several flu epidemics despite my family members coming down with flu.

After 7 BRT treatments and 5 Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions, I feel that I no longer have any health problems.

I believe that BRT and Ozone Hydrotherapy will also help other patients who have similar problems - I have asked my husband to go to BRT Centre for treatment as he suffers from diabetes and skin problems; I have also recommended friends who suffer from eczema, insomnia and high blood pressure to go for treatment.

Gloria Yeo, 48 years old

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