About Us

BRT is a naturopathic practice using safe and effective natural therapies, without the use of drugs or surgery. These natural therapies include the use of Bicom Bioresonance therapy, Bio Electric Stream therapy, TCM and the best combinations of pharmaceutical quality supplements obtained from all over the world.

Our team of specialists consists of naturopathic physicians, nutritionists, dieticians and TCM physician. With our combined expertise in various treatment methods, we can tailor make the best integrative treatment programs to suit our customers’ needs.

We believe that we can help customers from all walks of life to achieve optimum health and wellness. At BRT, we aim to utilize these methods to their best effect to bring hope to all of our customers’ lives, hence our slogan - Oasis of Hope!

The concepts of Naturopathy, Bio Electric Stream and Bioresonance will be explained more fully in the BRT Treatments sections.





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