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Radiation ReducerAll BICOM Bioresonance devices, and their accessories, are manufactured by Regumed GmbH in Germany to ISO 9001 quality standard. They comply with the European Union directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. Their primary use is to reduce or eliminate the effects of environmental stressors on the body in order to reduce or eliminate associated symptoms. These are medical devices for use by a trained practitioner and are not consumer products.

The BICOM Optima is the NEWEST development in Bioresonance therapy. It is more computerized than earlier models with an on-screen therapy manual showing where to place electrodes and optional operation using a laptop computer. It has a second input channel to allow constitutional support treatments to be given at the same time as the primary channel is being used to treat stressors. As well as low deep frequency range that will be able to help in some health.



1. Low deep frequency range

135 new programs have been developed in the low deep frequency range between 1 and 25 Hz and preloaded ready for use. As a result, it will be possible, for the first time, to detect and treat blocks at the regulatory level with far-reaching effect.

2. Stabilisation module (channel 2)

Using this module it is possible to apply information from stabilising substances. This saves time stabilising and supporting affected organ systems and the risk of an initial worsening of the patient’s condition is minimised.

3. Magnetic field module

Dynamic multi-impulse treatment (DMI) for energetic regulation. Patients’ energy can be amplified or attenuated, depending on their needs, with this treatment module. This magnetic field treatment can be applied on its own or combined with other treatment options offered by the BICOM optima. Most naturopathic methods are based on stimuli and responses. This is also true of bioresonance. This means that, during treatment, the therapist introduces a stimulus designed to provoke a response from the patient’s body.

4. Substance complexes module:

The over 400 substance complexes stored in the device represent treatment information from naturopathic substances which has been specially put together for a wide variety of symptoms from a wide range of specialist areas. These can be called up on screen alphabetically or by category (specialist area) and applied to the patient. This treatment module can also be used to support bioresonance. It can be employed at the same time as bioresonance (basic module) or separately for symptomatic treatment.

5. Potentiation module:

Analogue potencies of any substance (e.g. patient’s own blood, stool, allergens, etc.) can be tested and treated with this analogue potentiation module.

EAP test module integrated in the BICOM® optima

Depending on the type of device, the BICOM optima may incorporate an electroacupuncture (EAP) test section. With the aid of test instruments the EAP test section displays the energetic state of the individual acupuncture meridians in a physically measurable form. It therefore provides the therapist with details of disturbed organ systems. Substances and medicines which have an adverse effect on the patient can also be tested.

Even more user friendly

Clearly structured and self-explanatory screen navigation makes it very easy to get started with Bicom bioresonance without requiring extensive previous experience.

Among the options which can be called up via the main menu are the following:

i. Over 1000 preloaded treatment programs arranged alphabetically and by subject groups (the electrode positioning for each treatment program is displayed diagrammatically)

ii. 220 useful program combinations (program sequences) for fields such as allergy, human, dental and veterinary medicine, etc.

iii. Over 400 preloaded substance complexes

iv. EAP testing in diagrammatic form


The BICOM Optima is supplied with a comprehensive set of accessories, warranty, maintenance and training.

BB224/B22 Bicom Optima therapy device with standard accessories set consists of:
• Bicom Optima Device (x1)
• Bicom optima modulation (64 x 20cm) (x1)
• Bicom optima modulation (40 x 20cm) (x1)
• Brass cup electrode with lid (x2)
• Pair of cylindrical hand electrodes (x1)
• Therapy stylus 7 poles with low pressure electrode feathered (x1)
• Honeycomb optima (x1)
• Propolis sample (x1)
• Electrode tray (x1)
• 1Red safety cable (2m) (x3)
• Black safety cable (2m) (x3)
• Red safety cable (50cm) (x2)
• Black safety cable (50cm) (x2)
• Yellow safety cable (75cm) (x2)
• Bicom optima program therapy manual (x1)
• Bicom optima mains adaptor (x1)
• Cover for Bicom optima (x1)
• Short tooth electrode (x2)
• Long tooth electrode (x2)
• Bicom optima operating instructions manual (x1)
• Bicom optima foot switch (x1) Bicom Optima starter set accessories GST55 consists of: (Optional)
• Flexible Bicom electrodes (Short) (x1)
• Flexible Bicom electrodes (Narrow) (x1)
• Flexible Bicom electrodes (Square) (x1)
• Flexible Bicom electrodes (Medium)(x1)
• Flexible Bicom electrodes (Large) (x1)
• 1 pair of Bicom multicoated hand electrodes(x1)
• Bicom knob electrode (32mm)(x1)
• Bicom magnetic eyes electrode(x1)
• Therapy stylus black without electrode (x1)
• Roller electrode with teflon handle (x1)
• 1 pair of Brass ball electrodes (60mm) (x1)
• Brass goldfinger electrode with teflon handle(x1)
• Glass insertion for cup electrode (100ml) (x4)
• Glass insertion for honeycomb (50ml)(x2)
• Chip memory device Bicom optima gold (x1)
• Biosafe (x1)
• Box of 100 Bicom chips(x1)
• Small bottles BRT oil (10ml) (x5)
• Small bottles BRT minerals (10ml) (x5)
• Test tube with plug(x10)


Warranty, Maintenance and Training:
• 1 year warranty
• 1 year maintenance
• 1 year free training and support (online)


What side-effects are observed with bioresonance?

In the vast majority of cases BRT is very well tolerated. It has been applied to a wide range of people, from babies to mature adults, for over 25 years. For those who require detoxification, treatment can sometimes lead to reactions for a short period of time, such as headache, slight nausea or tiredness. Some people feel tired for 24 hours after the treatment. These effects can be reduced by drinking plenty of clean, preferably filtered, or low mineral content water to help flush out the toxins. Any of the above after effects are actually seen as good signs in naturopathy (recovery reaction), even if they are a little uncomfortable, as it is evidence of a healing process.

Although it may feel like nothing is happening during a treatment, things are happening on the inside and these signs are an indicator that the body is using the information received from the Bioresonance device. Usually, it takes at least 3 – 6 sessions before patients start to feel and see significance improvement to their ailments.

Does bioresonance therapy help everyone and with all disorders?

There is no medical method in the world which will help everyone. Man is not a machine which runs according to technically reproducible rules; every person is an individual and disease should be regarded as a largely multifactorial product of physical, psychological and social circumstances. Organs and tissue, which are completely destroyed or missing, cannot be restored by any method, not even bioresonance. Deficient enzymes, vitamins and nutrients must also be physically supplied. Severe psychological trauma cannot be treated with bioresonance either. A difficult childhood, abuse, traumatic events and chronic frustration can cause or encourage illness or impede its treatment.

Many therapists combine the bioresonance method with other conventional medical and naturopathic methods of therapy. A sensitive therapeutic discussion can often work wonders!

To sum up, bioresonance is a method of diagnosing and treating patient, which provides a relief to very many disorders and can help restore the patient’s health.

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