Kidney Disorders

"I suffered from Proteinuria- a medical condition where the presence of abnormal quantities of protein in the urine, which may indicate damage to the kidneys. Besides, I have suffered from chronic bronchitis and poor memory for many years.

My therapist has always been very patient and encouraging towards her patients. She is professional, knowledgeable and never fails to take great care to listen, understand and treat my problems accordingly. I feel good and relaxed under her care, not only does she generously share her invaluable health and diet advices, she practices great hygiene and cleanliness.

I thank her for a most fruitful experience at BRT – I am totally free from Proteinuria which I have suffered two and half years ago! It is incredible!

Moreover, my bronchitis is under control, I can breathe better now. I am very happy as my memory is getting better and better, so far I get very good results for all my examinations. I would like to thank BRT for the good technology and equipment to improve the health of myself and others too. I will definitely recommend others to BRT for any health conditions."

Toh Ah Lye, 56 years old

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