Digestive Disorders

"Hi, my name is Bessie. I would like to take this opportunity to share my positive experience with Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatment. Before my treatment, I was having very bad sinusitis, gastritis, bloated stomach and anxiety. I came to know BRT through my cousin, Alice.

My therapist is very dedicated and meticulous in administering my treatments. She would give me tips on how to improve my health through a better diet and to stay positive in life. I remember how she taught me a simple method of cooking green beans and china barley once a week for my family to refresh and reduce “heatiness”.

As the treatment progressed, my sinus was healed; and the bloated feeling also ceased. Moreover, my outlook towards life is better and I am more positive now. Thanks to my therapist who is always very encouraging and never fails in reminding me to stay happy and positive always.

With BRT treatments and the recommended supplements, my overall well-being and immunity have shown great improvement."

Bessie Ho, 65 years old

"I would like to take this opportunity to share my positive experience with Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatment.

I have been on medications many years for my instable thyroid condition (Hyperthyroidism), especially on Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4) which fluctuate a lot. As for GERD; although, no medication is required, I would experience bad symptoms such as heartburn and regurgitation.

My therapist is very committed, highly focused and enthusiastic towards her work. In each treatment, she has shown great concern and a very quick grasp of the essence of the problems.

After about 8 sessions of treatment, I am exceedingly happy with my results. Not only has my heartburn reduced greatly, no acidic taste in my mouth after every of my meal. I am impressed with my therapist’s knowledge and her expertise with BRT as my recent blood test result for T3 and T4 is good and stable.

She communicates well and gives essential feedback as to the progress of my treatments. She has given me a lot of encouragement and invaluable health and diet advices that I have greatly benefited.

I will definitely recommend others to BRT for all kind of health conditions. "

Don Chan, 37 years old

"I have suffered from bad constipation and severe bloated stomach for many years. So after the consultation, I decided to take up 10 sessions of BRT treatment.

During the treatment sessions, my therapist made me feel comfortable and relaxed with her friendliness, smiles, care, encouragement and professionalism. She is like a friend to me. Not only is she confident in helping me in my condition, she also practices cleanliness and hygiene in her work that makes me feel safe and comfortable.

With her advices on good dieting, I became more disciplined towards my lifestyle and diet. With her encouragement and expertise in BRT, I am totally well after the treatments. Hence, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to her and BRT.

I will definitely recommend others to BRT for any health matters."

Janet Ong, 59 years old

"I have been suffering from sinus and constipation for many years. The occurrence of the constipation can be as often as once a week, and my sinusitis would be ongoing.

After receiving 2 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, the condition of my sinusitis improved and my nose was no longer blocked.

Additionally, it took 5 sessions for my constipation problem to be resolved. Not only has my bowel movement improved, I also feel good and will recommend BRT to others with similar problems."

Sandy Sin, 45 years old

"I had menstruation and constipation problems for a few years. Before going for Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, I had heavy menstrual flow every month, experienced tiredness and had indigestion and constipation.

With the help of 14 BRT treatments and Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions, my menstrual problem has been solved and it is now regular. Furthermore, I no longer experience heavy flow like in the past; my bowel movements are also regular.

I would recommend other patients experiencing similar problems to go for BRT treatment."

Florence Yap, 43 years old

"I have chronic health issues since 2011.

At first, it started with dry mouth followed by throat discomfort that never seems to recover; my lips will always crack. More symptoms started to appear and I begin to panic and worry about my own health – there was discomfort near the abdominal region and my waist felt sore.

I went through several different treatments and checks that never seem to help – appointment with the homeopathic therapist, and ENT appointment yet nothing was found to be wrong with my throat, the Gastro specialist took an endoscopy as well as CT scan but the results did not show anything serious. Eventually, the doctor diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Some time later, the doctor wanted to discharge me, but I knew that I was not well yet. Hence, I tried Chinese medicine in hope that it will solve my problems, but they did not.

I was depressed and felt lost as it seems like I was heading nowhere with my health condition.

Just then, I met up with a friend who told me about Bio Resonance - her dog’s health has recovered after undergoing some Bioresonance treatment at Passion for Pets Centre. She invited me to one of the session and I observed the entire process of the treatment.

Knowing that there is also a Centre for treating humans, I felt that it is worth a try and subscribed myself to the BRT Center at Novena. Since then, I have never regretted it! When doctors cannot help me, BRT can!

BRT treatments have greatly supported my immune system and I was able to recover from my cold and flu faster and easier now! The dry mouth, cracked lips, pain on abdomen, sore throat symptoms have all improved and the frequency of visiting the toilet in the middle of the night has also reduced!

I feel better and more energetic now than months ago and I am more capable to cope with work stress now. Just when I was in despair with no help from doctors, BRT has given me hope! Thank You BRT!!"

Andy Liow, 33 years old

"Bryan has Autism since he was 3 years old – his attention span is poor, he is always easily frustrated and has speech delay. BRT treatments have helped to detoxify the heavy toxin in his body, and his toxin level are back to the normal range after 10 months (about 30 sessions) of treatments.

Bryan is more verbal, expressive and conscious of his surroundings. His bowel movements are also smoother now."

Mother of Bryan Woon, 8 years old

"I had frequent coughs and have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a few years. I used to feel weak and am unable to sleep well before I receive Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments and Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions.

BRT treatments and Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions have helped in strengthening me and I feel more energetic now. I no longer feel cold easily and my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been healed.

After receiving 12 BRT treatments and 10 Ozone Hydrotherapy treatments, I was able to sleep better and feel stronger. I would definitely encourage others who have similar problems to undergo BRT treatments and Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions."

S M Cheong, 56 years old

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