Menstrual Problems

"I was recommended to BRT by my sister as she insisted that BRT is worth a trip. Furthermore, its charges are at a lower rate compared to the professional service. My first trip to BRT was without any discomfort, however; it was indeed a visit that benefited my life!

Even though there was no discomfort that I felt, below is a list of some problems that I faced:


  • • Long, abnormal menstruation period followed by blood clots has disturbed me for more than three years.

  • • Weak immune system since I was young will cause me to catch flu easily.

  • • Sensitive nose has caused disruption to my sleep and I am only able to sleep in non air conditioned room with the fan.

  • • Bladder was weak and I was unable to hold my urine. Hence, I would rush to the toilet frequently.

  • • Weight and BMI have always disturbed me for more than four years.


With the consistent visits to BRT, Oasis of Hope and the professional help from my Therapist, my whole body system has shown vast progress –


  • • My menses has no sign of blood clots and it is clearer than before

  • • The frequent rush to wash room has reduced

  • • My immune system has improved, and I will not get flu easily. I used to need to consume 3 to 4 non drowsy runny nose tablets in a week in order to combat with the flu that I have caught! With the help of the treatment, I do not need the tablets anymore!


The improvement in my health is a great help for me being a preschool teacher dealing with young children from 3 to 6. The strengthening of immune system has also improved my productivity both in working and personal life.

Last but not least, I lost about 2 kg! My friends commended that I look prettier and I am able to wear the old clothes (smaller size) again! Thank you BRT, Oasis of Hope!

With the great help that I have received, I would DEFINITELY strongly recommend BRT, Oasis of Hope to my friends. In fact, I have been praying for my friends and sharing it about how it has greatly benefited me. I am not only thinking of friends alone, I am hoping to help children with special needs too. I am very glad that BRT is specialized in this area."

Linda Yong, 45 years old

"I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2004 and my menstruation was very painful.

After 20 sessions of BRT treatments, I was alleviated of the menstrual pain. My condition has been improving since then, and I believe that my Endometriosis will be contained.

I would recommend my friends to BRT as a form of alternative treatment."

Azizah S, 47 years old

"I suffered from Sjogren Syndrome for about 6 years, irregular menses for 2 years and have allergies since young.

Before I receive Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatment, I would miss my period for 1 or 2 months at a time. Additionally, whenever I eat seafood, I would develop rashes within the next few days.

After receiving 8 sessions of BRT treatments, my menses is more regular now, and I have also stopped developing rashes after eating seafood. The improvement in my health has made me happier, and I am glad that I am receiving treatment for my autoimmune disease as I have been under this condition for a long time, and it did not seem to be improving.

I believe that BRT will be able to help others with similar conditions. I will definitely recommend BRT to my friends because I find this very helpful. When I go to BRT Centre, I feel happy and relaxed, and my Therapist is very friendly and nice too."

S L Tan, 17 years old

"I had menstruation and constipation problems for a few years. Before going for Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, I had heavy menstrual flow every month, experienced tiredness and had indigestion and constipation.

With the help of 14 BRT treatments and Ozone Hydrotherapy sessions, my menstrual problem has been solved and it is now regular. Furthermore, I no longer experience heavy flow like in the past; my bowel movements are also regular.

I would recommend other patients experiencing similar problems to go for BRT treatment."

Florence Yap, 43 years old

I have been suffering from eczema since childhood.

Initially, I started with homeopathy treatment. After two years of homeopathy treatment, I have recovered at the age of 20 and was free from eczema for about 12 years until I gave birth to my child 6 years ago, my skin condition has started to become so severe.

This time, homeopathy medicine could not help me at all. My eczema was so severe that I have to depend on steroids and I know very well the side effects of steroids. I tried on TCM then. But my condition still did not improve. Some TCM doctors told me that my skin condition is actually Psoriasis. My severe skin condition has been troubling me for so many years and the unbearable itch that led me to sleeping problem. Fortunately, my sister told me about BRT, Oasis of Hope, that I started to seek treatments and indeed I have seen great improvement for my overall well being.

Before receiving treatments at BRT, my skin is very thin and sensitive, it will bleed easily even with minor scratching. Every morning when I wake up, my skin will be very dry and scaly. In the afternoon, my skin will start to form big bumps on both my hand and my neck.

Moreover, due to the constant unbearable itchiness, my quality of sleep has been affected greatly and this has led me with stiff neck and headache always. In addition, my sinus and asthma problems made me feel miserable as I always feel breathless. I also have constipation and gastric pain that causes discomfort all the time. To make matter worse, my menses has stopped for almost 20 months although I have yet to menopause.

After, receiving Bioresonance Therapy, my skin is firmer and less sensitive and it will not bleed easily. I do not feel the itchiness as much so I can sleep better. The bumps on my neck are gone and the bumps on both hands have reduced in size, in fact some other areas have no more bumps. I get more quality of sleep and my stiff neck and headache have improved greatly. No more congested nose and I can breathe better and less recurrence of asthma and daily bowel movement now. Gastric problem does not bother me much nowadays. BRT treatment has even helped to resolve my hormonal problem and now I have my menses again. I’m feeling good! Hurray!

With the professional help, care and love received. I see hope! Thank you to all the staff from BRT, Oasis of Hope.

S H Soh, 38 years old

"I am diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer, and am suffering from menstrual pains and constipation since the age of 11. I had irregular menses – my period can last as long as 3 weeks, or only happens once in 3 months. On top of that, during the period of my menstruation, I was bedridden for 3 days with vomiting, constipation, severe pains and blot clots.

During my 2 years of treatments with BRT, my Gynecologist has detected pre-cursor cellular changes in my cervix, and these were cleared in the course of the 2 years when I was undergoing treatment at BRT centre.

Additionally, my general health and immune system is stronger; I am cancer-free and am more energetic to care for my active toddler. My period has also become regular for the first time since I had it when I was 11 years old. My digestive system functions with daily regularity, and I have been cleared of cervical cancer since my last operation in 2008.

I am grateful and amazed that a pain and symptom-free treatment can have such positive impact on the body’s immune system and capacity to fight cellular degeneration.

I would highly recommend BRT treatments to others with similar conditions.

Initially, doctors were doubtful as to whether I could carry a child to term after the surgery, and suggested that I should have a full Hysterectomy to remove ovaries and go on Hormone Therapy Replacement within 5 years of detecting the cervical cancer at stage 3 in 2007.

I want to thank God and thank BRT that I am able to have a beautiful 2 and a half years old son, and hopefully a sibling for my son soon."

Hannah Lee, 31 years old

"I have been suffering from gastric, migraine, and pressure for about 2 years, and menstrual cramps for about 10 years. My gastric and migraine condition would occur very often; I am heavily reliant on drugs to be mobile during my period, I would also require medication to control the pressure levels.

After 17 sessions of BRT treatments, my frequency of gastric and migraine have reduced tremendously. Even though I am still reliant on drugs, the dosage that I am taking has also reduced tremendously.

I feel healthier and hope to seem more improvements in other areas of my life.

I would definitely introduce BRT treatments to others who have similar conditions."

Kaiellvizlhe S, 33 years old

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