Liver Disorders

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017, followed by colon cancer on a later date. I went through two surgeries in February and April 2018 to remove the affected areas and I was recovering well.


However, in Oct 2019, the doctor diagnosed that I had stage 4 liver cancer. He told me that most of my liver can no longer function and hurried me to decide if I want to do chemotherapy as it was a critical condition. He also informed me that I have to take the chemo medication for the rest of my life. Since I have no other option, I went ahead to do my first session of chemotherapy. I lost weight from 58kg to 52kg and later until 45kg. It was worrisome for me.


Then a friend recommended me to try Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) at Oasis of Hope. I started my first BRT treatment in October 2019 as I continued with the chemotherapy together with a targeted medication. After doing BRT for a few times, I felt I was better, so I sought my doctor’s approval to discontinue the chemotherapy. I had done 4 sessions of chemotherapy in total.


For the past 3 months, I have done 35 sessions of BRT treatment. My cancer marker reading has dropped from 3000 points to 400 points by end of November 2019. Subsequently, the readings dropped further to 200 points; next it went down to 88 points and the current 48 points.  All my pain is gone, I don’t feel giddy or cold anymore, my stomach was well and most of all, I no longer feel breathlessness. My liver function is functioning normally.


I am feeling very well now and I will continue the BRT treatments to get even better. I am blessed to know about Bioresonance Therapy and very thankful to the therapist who has treated me.


I strongly recommend my relatives and friends to BRT Oasis of Hope."

Sarah Lee, 61 years old

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