Diamond Shield Zapper (Only available in Singapore)


The Diamond Shield Frequency Technology is based on the functioning of vibrations as carriers of information. The principle of operation can be illustrated with the example of a soprano singer that can cause a glass that is close to her to break through her singing. Just as the glass breaks, because the tone is exactly corresponding to the frequency of the glass. With the frequency technology, the pathogens that are nested in different organs inside the human organism will be debilitated or smashed only by the confrontation with their own frequency. Now the immune system itself can just attack or eliminate the corresponding responsible agent for deceases and complaints.



A zapper is an apparatus for bio-energetic treatment according to Dr. Hulda Clark (it is also known as a Clark zapper), Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Robert C. Beck and health practitioner Alan E. Baklayan. It is medically accredited for acute and chronic pain therapy by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). It is suitable for risk-free self-treatment as well as accompanying bio-resonance therapy by experienced therapists. The mode of action of the zapper is based on the discoveries of Dr. Hulda Clark. The zapper model she developed generates frequency patterns – completely harmless for human beings – that energize the body.


1. Power

9V E-block or 8.4 NiMh rechargeable battery

2. Voltage

Output voltage adjustable from 0.1 V to 16 V independent of the battery

3. Frequency Range

0.5Hz to 2MHz

4. Frequency Accuracy

100 ppm (0.01%)

5. Preset Programmes

1. Diamond Shield - Unblock all Meridians

2. Wellness Program - Feeling good and sleeping program

3. Relaxation Program - Just relaxes

4. GS - Harmonise negative influence

5. Fl - for Influenza Infection

6. Co - Cold Program

7. Ba - Back Pain Program

8. Pa - Pain Program

9. Bo - Lyme Diseases Program

10. BK - Blood Parasites

11. 7-20-7-20-7 - For Parasites

12. Constant Zap - Constant zapping

13. Plate Zapping - For specific Organs

14. TENS 1-3 - TENS 1 for acute pain, TENS 2 for acute/chronic pain, TENS 3 for chronic pain

6. Unique Features

1. Impulse Discharge

2. Wobble Functionality

3. Modulation of the output frequencies

4. Constant current control



  1. Connection cable for (hand) electrodes

  2. Grounding cable

  3. 2 Bracelets

  4. 9V battery

  5. Sturdy Plastic Casing


Why do we need Diamond Shield?


A human organism whose immune system is too weak to get rid of bacteria, fungi or parasites in question, can now successfully be cleaned out with the aid of the frequency generator. The success in treatment of allergies, asthma, migraine, cancer, diabetes, rheumatic diseases and non-specific problems of digestion (just to name a few) in some cases can be so impressive that it might look like spontaneous healing.

If current kills all organisms, you might ask, why does the treatment have to be used several times? 
There is an easy answer: As current always takes the shortest way respectively the lowest resistance, it tends to flow on the surface of organs. 

This means that if there are pathogens inside you which you got by inhaling or eating contaminated food, only those are killed that can be caught by the current as long as the treatment is going on. 

This fact makes a daily application for an extended time necessary and multiple treatments and rechecking of pathogens is necessary as more pathogens may be released into the body from contamination and contact. 

New research and development allows this therapy to not only be effective in killing pathogens but stimulating the various organs and its function.

Can Diamond Shield substitute Bioresonance Therapy Treatment?


No. Diamond Shield is not a substitute for Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) Treatment. However, Diamond Shield is used to compliment BRT treatment and other treatments which our centre offers to allow the patients to go through a Holistic treatment.


Is Diamond Shield suitable for everyone?


Patients fitted with a pacemaker and during pregnancy are not advisable to use Diamond Shield


Are there any side effects?

Basically there are no side effects. 

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