Quit Smoking

"I have been smoking since 21 years ago. Throughout all these years of my smoking habit, I smoked at least three packets of cigarettes per day which is about 50 sticks of them.

After two sessions of Quit Smoking Program, I have reduced from 50 sticks of cigarettes to 3 sticks daily. My result is amazing; I am totally free from smoking after the 3rd session (Quit Smoking Booster).

As a result, I am more energetic, less stressful and able to focus better now. Most important, I do not have the urge to smoke anymore!

I will definitely recommend others to BRT for all kind of treatments. "

Suma Taniguchi Canlas, 42 years old

"I am an Indonesian and would visit Singapore on a regular basis for treatment for my eczema problem after seeing various doctors in Singapore and Indonesia and to no avail.

I suffer from itch; red patches would also appear randomly anywhere on my body when the eczema occurs.

I was introduced to Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) by my daughter, and I have seen improvements after 6 sessions of BRT treatment. The eczema subsided and occurred less frequently. By the 8th treatment, I saw a 90% improvement.

At the same time, I also wanted to quit smoking. Amazingly, I lost the desire for cigarettes and managed to quit smoking permanently after 1 session of BRT treatment.

Till this day, my family continues to fly to Singapore regularly for treatments and we have also introduced many of our family members and friends to BRT."

Francisco N A, 56 years old

"I have been trying to quit smoking for 20 over years, but to no avail. On top of that, I also have finger joint pains, backaches, waist pains and headache.

After 5 sessions of BRT treatments, all the pains were reduced and so was my urge to smoke.

My conditions have improved and I have also reflected on the reason for smoking and realized that it has been a waste of money on the cigarettes. I would consider recommending BRT treatments to others who have similar problems."

L K Voon 47 years old

"I had not succeeded in quitting smoking for the past 13 years. The longest period of time that I stop smoking was a week.

After I receive 2 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) quit smoking treatment, I have managed to quit smoking in a short period of time without feeling any stress.

I feel that I am healthier and more energetic now. I believe that BRT’s quit smoking treatment will help other people to quit smoking. I will definitely recommend it to others."

Josuke M, 32 years old

"I started smoking at the age of 18. I would smoke 5 to 8 cigarettes a day.

Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments have helped me to curb the urge of needing to smoke. After two sessions of treatment, I have stopped smoking.

I encourage other smokers who want to quit smoking to give BRT treatments a try as it had indeed helped me in quitting smoking."

Bastide Chistel, 37 years old

"I am a heavy smoker who smokes about 15-20 sticks a day for almost a year. I have been trying to quit smoking but to no avail.

After 2 treatment sessions of the Quit Smoking programme, I have effectively stopped smoking, and would definitely recommend this to people with similar conditions."

Gabriel Tang, 15 years old

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